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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to the board of supervisors san francisco land use & economic development committee. i'm supervisor wiener the chair of the committee to my cleft is smoen and we'll be joined by supervisor jane kim. we're also joined by supervisor london breed who has an item on our agenda. our clerk is andrea and i want to thank sfgovtv and jessie and bill. madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices speaker cards can be completed as part of the file and the items acted on today will be on the next agenda. >> madam clerk, call item 1.
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>> to occupy the public right-of-way on front street. >> mr. quan is here from the department of public works. good afternoon. i'm john the department received a request from the property owners, llc for 4 one grove for an encroachment permit to stall environmental bulb outs. those planned were referred from the planning department and the planning department provided us with a referral mischievous. those plans will sent to the serious staff committee that satisfied a technical requirement and the public hearing was heard on this
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encroachment to establishing talk about the encroachment it was concerned that even though encroachment satisfied the plan and it's in front of the of the board for his utilities rectify determination >> thank you very much if there's no initial questions or comments we'll open this up for public comment any public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. oh, their moving chairs. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues could i have a motion to forward item one to the full board with positive recommendation? >> so moved. >> madam clerk, call item 5.
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>> this is the subdivision codes to rejected the appeals of condominiums conversion. >> and supervisor london breed is the author of item 5. >> thank you, chairman weiner for allowing me to speak one the legislation condominium conversion took so long it's extremely complex piece of legislation there are a number even if conversions doorknob the occupancy and the unit transfer, etc. the benefits of a few months of implementation we needed to come back with clean amendments that's exactly what i'm proposing today. specifically, i have 3 small changes the first is for the appealing of the condo conversion by a pass law it must
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be based on the impact of the development and the amount felt fee charged. we've having had several appeals from the board of supervisors that has nothing to do with that so the clerk of the board can refuse it and any member of the board of supervisors can overturn that ruling and bring the item before the board. this is in keeping with the intent of the law and will be fair for everyone pardon the other changes are for affordable housing crisis in san francisco first those who are under or below the medium income the payment of the condominium conversion can be held off. this is short and didn't give
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the owner per the restrictions has not enough time to come up with $120,000 so this postpones it so this way medium to low income owners can realizeless property values associated with conversion and the refinance based on the new value before paying the city the fee. this city will record the fee and meaning all owners only who defers the pavement will be responsible to pay the depth. i'm confident the city wouldn't lose any fees and san franciscans will be able to enjoy the benefits. and some of the appeals have been individuals who couldn't
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afford to pay the fee i hope this will help. and lastly to help folks with foreclosures in their building for example, in antonio a 4 unit building one of the occupants couldn't find a buyer so they can try to modify the moshth of the unit but the back o bank holds the unit until someone billings buys is but under the current law all the families must wait to sell because of the owner occupancy even though it was owner occupied before the foreclosure and even though the bank held the unit off the
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market this building is being clued from the condo conversion building that other it's been excluded from the process. my final condones in my amendment says that a foreclosure process up to one year wouldn't count as a gap in occupancy so in the month we've developed there was a board plan that it offers all the owners a right to convert and this is in line with the expert of the xheshgsz law to colleagues i'm for your support >> we have a offer flow in the board chamgz chambers to if you
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need to be there please fill out a comment card. i want to thank supervisor breed we had a few you awkward appeals for the standards of the condo conversion appeal but they were sympathetic we had for example, a woman that was disabled on search-and-seizure d i she had no money and we learned this was no way for her to be able to wait in order to pay the fee that's the main issue being able to refines after the condominium conversion was complete in addition to the conversion issue. supervisor kim >> i think i'm going to ditto
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those comments this is actually good to see there's laser language around the appeal and some clear language on how people ask for fee for all night be able to proceed. i know there was an issue with the foreclosure allowing for a longer pet for there to be no occupied owner in that unit. and i think largely that's going to impact a small amount of confirmations >> thank you at this point if there's there's no condominiums on comments on item 5. >> good afternoon. i'm elizabeth gordon i'm here on
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behalf of the co- owners thought of united building. with 3 owner occupiers. this building will be able to apply for condominium conversion but for the three that one of the unit owners was foreclosed on in 2011 they had gone through a vos and a stressed housing market she tried to renegotiate without success it was lists for sale 89 months before the buyer bought the unit was in contract to buy the unit. this all resulted in a lapse of owner occupancy for six months. this exceeds the 3 month gap for owner occupancy in the case of a
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unit sale. no other party occupied this and the party that purchased the union became the occupier. there were two transfers of ownership in the 6 months owner a to the bank and to b. it was a elongated process because of transferring the property from owner a to b. in the development of this you consider this cocktails >> thank you is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues could i have a motion to forward this to the full board with positive recommendation. we'll take that without objection. >> thank you superstitions and item 2. >> item 2 is a resolution
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asking the mayor's office of housing to apply for a grant for the trust fund program up to $2 million. okay. and the mayor is the author of item 2 ms. hayward will you be speaking for the mayor's office >> you switched okay. formerly of the mayor's office of housing >> good afternoon supervisors this item if propped will allow the mayor's office of housing to apply for a matching grant for the amount even if $2 million for the housing trust fund. the state h cd has asked for the trust fund program which is the matching grant program to provide fuvendz for eligible
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applicants on or after september 30th and this includes the city and county of san francisco. the ballot was passed on november 26th and that the local housing trust fund will operate 5 years after the h cd awards the grant i can certainly provide for information or perhaps we'll come back if
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awarded the grant >> thank you, ms. hay word if no comments or questions any public comment on item 2. i think i heard someone say something in the crowd there >> item 2 any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues could i have it forwarded to the full board. okay we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk, can you call item 3 >> it's a hearing with the transportation entities to discuss the late night transportation plan. >> thank you. i requested this hearing today on late ethnic transportation which is a very
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important i think topic for the city to discuss this. the purpose of today is hearing is talk about the current state of late night transportation or the logic therefore and what we can do to improve it. san francisco doesn't shut down at rush hour and sometimes, it seems like portion of our transportation system seems like it does there's a belief that no one needs to get around once the daytime working day comes to a close. at today's hearing e hearing we'llenter hear from transportation providers and businesses and workers and people who enjoy the night life
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to hear what we do right and what we can do better. in 2011 one of my first acts in agree the city economist be reported on the economic impact on the night life in san francisco. the city economists reported that the night time economy known as the other 9 to 5 triths $9.4 billion just in san francisco not the bay area. the report determined this economic sector applies approximately 48 thousand people and in includes many young people. those are largely middle-class and working class jobs. this generates $55 million in
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payroll taxation and sales tax to the city and county of san francisco. the night life industry supports our local economy by purposing $1.6 million from businesses ranging from foods and beverages to other needs. 80 percent of san francisco's night life is conveyed in business areas in the eastern part of the city. and 57 percent of patrons were viefrtsz and the others residents of our city. these bay area patrons that come into the city spend $120 a night and san franciscans spend $70 a night. 48 thousand jobs in san
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francisco are part of the night life industry. i mentioned those are largely middle-class working jobs they require people to work into midnight and 1, 2, 3 clock and later and start early in the morning. a restaurant workers bar, club workers and including late night workers folks in hotels and bakeries and so forth. we know that san francisco is not a citadel we're connected in our region and there are many people who live in the east bay and convert into san francisco for night life. it's an expensive city for housing we know that very well and there are many workers in our night time economy who work in the city but can't afford to
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little here. we make it really hard for those workers and also for patrons coming in san francisco or getting around san francisco either to enjoy our night life or enjoy a living. we are very limited in late night and morning options. particularly when you talk about people getting to and from work people shouldn't have to take a cab. a lot of people can't afford a car or earner a car yet we're forcing them to own a car because we're not giving them late night options. yesterday, i didn't request this but i'll read it from admission
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pie they posted this on facebook there's something on your minds it's hard to get to and from work when you work in the east bay it's more affordable to have a - it's a show stopper bart didn't run earlier enough to get to work and face it whether a bar person or people who work in sf if you are young and want to stay out later you can now thanks to supervisor wiener it's on the land use committee and so forth. this isn't a monolithic
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situation there are many people who rely on night life transportation. i want to my aid adam is here to put up photos on the gene. i actually on saturday night i take the subway a lot including on weekends and even when the subway is open friday and saturday night services are spotty this is 9 o'clock on a saturday night. this is the service in the system not a single out bound train maybe a couple coming in. and next one. that was what in terms of the train this is 9 o'clock on a saturday night. so even though this is rather extreme it's not uncommon on a friday a or saturday night in
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the height of our night life to see gallops in service. it seems like is comparison between day and night is dramatic. so colleagues today we are going to hear from - thank you atom. from our city departments and transit providers and folks in the business community who have late night businesses and then from the community. so first, i want to start with our entertainment commission to talk about the needs >> good afternoon supervisors. first i want to thank supervisor wiener for his advocacy for
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this. his linkness to lead not to talk about the hard choices we face in san francisco is brave and worth noting. i want to thank the sfmta you'll hear positive information to analyze where changed it needed. we're hoping that other transit agencies are willing to work towards solution. this is more important you spoke it that it's vital to the height and safety not only in an city worthy more 40 thousand and 50 thousand workers and it is vital to the residents of the city whether or not they're near night life to travel to and from
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hospitals and other businesses is meaning fell to reduce possible conflict between patrons waiting near residential homes and the minimum wage industry employees that don't earner enough to live near their work. it's not - it takes data to know whether w where resources are felt. the entertainment commission and the mayor's office worked on a survey in november 2013, the results are interesting but they indicate the night liquify includes the taxis and personable vehicles that will require places to park and will have a major implication for all
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levels. we ask a late night transportation plan that is strategic in its mindset to provide safe traffic for patrons and employees that work late hours. one mode didn't fit all situations it should be flexible. this means one size won't fit all whether in the castro or the inner it includes shuttle buses and transbay traffic and we'll have the ultimate goal of bart twenty-four hours service. the san francisco population was near 8 hundred thousand and will
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be increasing to over 1 million so the thousands off people that commute to the city with the tourist populations of one hundred and 33 thousand and one dense and growing 49 skrierlz. the residents are young and go out to bars and restaurants mull mississippi multiple times a week and the new generation that have moved back are enjoying the benefits in the city. but regardless of age and income level they'll need to get home after enjoying themselves. the transit industries should consider between the late and early hours like a giant special giants game or other events and
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plan the option according. we know this can be done and the transportation plan will benefit everyone. the mayors 2030 plan that maybe on the ballot in november it should include this transportation priorities and additionally we'll this hearing be one of many. i want to give the rest of my time to one of our entertainment commissioners to talk about her experience in the commission >> hello i'd like to reiterate the executive directors comment and thanking supervisor wiener to aid the late night transportation it's vitally important to our city i'm the
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rep on the entertainment commission i represent their employees as well. it's been state in the controllers economic impact report the figure of 48 thousand employees i suggest between two-thirds of those employees work at night. if you factor in they get paid $11 per hour and is average shift is 6 hours that employee is guaranteed $66 with before taxation so is the outer mission is about $18. then that employee has worked one and three-quarters hours to get home after work. when my club was operating any check person got off added 4:00 a.m. and had to take a taxi
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home no other employee lived near her, her average tip was $15 it was a hardship. the work of night life employees is not sedentary but physical they're either attending bars or waiting tables or busing the tackles and so on. at the end of the night their achieved with no cost-effective way to get home. then the employees that come in as employees leave the employees that show up at the 4:00 a.m. the janitor or others that do the maintenance they have in cost-effective way to get to work if they can carpool it would be great but either they have to drive or take a
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technique pursue so transportation it paramount. it says their safety in numbers and riding populated safe transportation would be a big help financially. lastly i'd like to bring up party buses. those buses come from the east bay and transport people to and from san francisco they create unsafe conditions by unloading passengers in front of night clubs and leaving those clubs to process those folks all at once. if he were reliable transbay transportation many of the young people would be on bart and the party buses would decrease in you